GTA 6: Date, news, autos and each other tips & tricks!

Everybody needs a bit of Grand Theft Auto 6.

At whatever point Rockstar refreshes GTA Online heads swivel and the inescapable inquiry returns – when is GTA 6 turning out?

Lamentably Rockstar has scarcely implied about another Grand Theft Auto amusement, and the dominant part of holes have been gossipy tidbits, best case scenario, mystery, or only straight up lies at the very least. A bungalow industry making GTA 6 YouTube recordings has jumped up, however these are no more genuine than your companion whose uncle works at Rockstar and has played the alpha. Man, nobody has played the amusement.

There is trust that it exists in some frame however. Back in March 2016 we announced that GTA 6 was underway. This was previously Rockstar said it was focusing so intensely on GTA Online however, so timetables will have no uncertainty changed. Be that as it may, GTA 5 has delivered 85 million duplicates. Obviously GTA 6 will be underway in some frame. Simply recollect that Rockstar’s huge concentration for the present is Red Dead Redemption 2, so anticipate that that will take priorty for a couple of more years yet.

All the more as of late, a major hole originated from The Know refering to an inside source, that recommends GTA 6 comes back to Vice City, includes a female lead and could be out as late as 2022.